15 February 2020, Volume 39 Issue 1
2020, 39(1):  2-4. 
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The Difference Between Geographic Indication and Intangible Cultural Heritage
SHANG Shimin
2020, 39(1):  17-23.  doi:10.16388/j.cnki.cn42-1843/c.2020.01.002
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Geographic indication and intangible cultural heritage are the high-frequency terms that have appeared in the government reports in the past decade. The former,belonging to the legal category and related to intellectual property rights,originates from the TRIPS agreement. From the perspective of cultural theory,as an important cultural memory and factor of agricultural civilization,it represents a new cultural phenomenon and is concerned by people from all walks of life;the latter is an important representation of various traditional cultural heritage that has been passed down by generations of people of all nations. The importance attached by countries of the world to the two has accelerated the international,theoretical,and academic study of the two,which is practically significant and academically valuable in the new era to the protection,inheritance,promotion and dissemination of the traditional Chinese culture.
Research on Evaluation Relationship Identification-based PSG
HE Wei,WANG Yuling
2020, 39(1):  53-59.  doi:10.16388/j.cnki.cn42-1843/c.2020.01.006
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The evaluation relationship based on phrase structure grammar(PSG) is identified in three steps:first syntactically analyze the sentence to be evaluated;then extract evaluation expression and the evaluation targeted candidate,and judge whether the syntactic path between the expression and the candidate is grammatical;finally divide the corresponding relationship into three groups:1. candidatesubject,expression-predicate;2. candidate-object,expression-posterior verb;3. expression-modifier,candidate-central statement. In the test analyzing customers’comment on JD’s cell phones,the accuracy rate of this method is 88.02%,recall rate 84.32 % ,and the F1 value 55.82%. The result proves this method is effective. The introduction of the comparatively mature phrase structure grammar in the identification of evaluation relationship can effectively improve the system’s performance and enhance its advantage in fault tolerance,boundary identification of candidate,avoiding rule conflict,and recognizing distant pairing.
The Logical Approach of Marx’s Early Cultural Criticism Theory
LIU Wangwang,YU Liangzao
2020, 39(1):  106-112.  doi:10.16388/j.cnki.cn42-1843/c.2020.01.012
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